How does the pricing work on your website?

There are three tiers of pricing on the website - wholesale customer, registered customer and public access.

If you are not logged in, you will see the public access pricing.

Registered Wholesale Customer Pricing

This price is available to customers who have successfully applied to be registered as wholesale customers.

Wholesalers must be logged in to their wholesale account to access this price. Minimum order quantities apply to most wholesale products.

Registered Customer Pricing

This price is available to customers who shop regularly with us.

Customers must be logged in to access this price.

Public Access Pricing

This price is the retail price for the product.

We promise our retailers that we will not intentionally sell our current product range at a lower price than they do, so you may want to shop around before buying from us.

What is the advantage of becoming a registered customer?

Registering as a customer gives you access to discount pricing. The amount of the discount will increase as you establish a regular buying pattern with our online store.

Registered customers are able to view a wider range of products and can subscribe to newsletters and product updates.

When we discontinue stock or decide it's time to sell our ex-display items, we offer these to wholesalers and registered customers first.


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