Alibaba Dreamtrip


Graham and Kathy recently travelled to Hangzhou, the home of, to participate in the Alibaba Dream Trip - E-business Case Study with a group of fellow entrepreneurs. The three day event gave them an opportunity to focus on the export side of the Quality Price Service business as they learned how to use the Alibaba ecosystem to sell quality Australian products to the Chinese marketplace.

In common with many of their fellow importers, Graham and Kathy have sourced products via but the idea of using it themselves to attract customers for their range of skin care and baby care products is relatively new to them. When the opportunity to visit the home of to discover more about the global e-commerce giant's platforms they were quick to sign up for it.

Alibaba Dream Trip March 2017

The course lived up to expectations, with information provided on how to leverage the business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) platforms offered by the Alibaba Group and both Graham and Kathy were delighted to meet fellow business owners who are also looking to expand their markets to China.

The professional and friendly support offered by Alibaba Group staff, partners and service providers and Australian global service partner, iSynergi, made the trip more effective as it enabled the QPS team to focus on the information presented to them.

While many questions were answered during the three days, there is still more to be learned before the exporting arm of Quality Price Services is ready to operate online in China, but with the helping hand received during the Dream Trip they will be ready to launch sooner and they will have more confidence in the outcome.

With a dream of having their Australian made skin care and baby care products being used in homes across China, it won't be long before Graham and Kathy are operating their business online in China.

Thank you to the Alibaba Group, iSynergi, and the group of 17 entrepreneurs who attended the Dream Trip.


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