Winter Promotion: Save 5% on pre-orders in June


Experienced retailers know that wholesale buying involves more than purchasing stock on instinct. Buying decisions require up-front planning and research, a good understanding of customer needs, inventory management, measurable sales data and solid relationships with suppliers.

To help you with your research, QPS Importers provides product fact sheets and exhibits at trade shows. When you deal with us you gain access to our network of overseas manufacturers and we can help you source speciality or complementary products from them.

While you know your local customers, we are able to provide you with information on the colours, sizes and models that are selling well and with support for the questions your customers will ask you about the product, such as how to care for it.

We understand the challenges of inventory management and can keep you up to date on product availability via our website as well as letting you know when we are next placing an order for products that are selling well for you.

Our winter promotion offers you a saving of 5% of the total cost on all garden furniture pre-orders confirmed by the end of June. Not only that, we are also making this promotion available on new products. If you are interested to learn more, please get in touch with Graham via phone on 02 6247 0249 or email him at


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