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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Every time we prepare for a trade show, we find ourselves doing something new and unexpected. In just over a week we will be exhibiting The Bartender on Stand 4026 at the Reeds Gift Fair in Sydney. Most of the hard work is done. The stand is booked and paid for. We have most of the stand contents (product, display stands, furniture etc) in our Sydney warehouse ready to go onto the truck. Our banners will be ready to pick up tomorrow, along with the extra business cards we ordered. We've started training the people who will be staffing the stand. We've been marketing to our target customers and inviting them to visit our stand. Now it's down to the fine details.

Graham has been collecting different commercial 5L mini kegs for a few months now, so that we could display them on the stand. Not only will having a wide range of mini kegs reassure retailers that their customers will be able to obtain mini kegs themselves, they also show people that the drinks dispenser does more than dispense beer. We have mixed drinks, including cocktails and cider, as well as beer and stout. We also have a mix of mini kegs that you may easily find in your local liquor outlet and mini kegs that you may easily find online. While most of the mini kegs remain sealed, we've got a few empty ones so that our retailers can see for themselves how easy The Bartender is to use.

We saw a great display in our local BWS store recently, which we are adapting for the stand. In front of the display models, we will have different shaped beer and cocktail glasses, filled with cellophane and tissue paper. It's a great idea. Like all great ideas, it has involved hard work. I thought it would be easy to buy beer glasses and the right coloured cellophane. What I didn't realise is that we would get more ambitious about the display as we designed it. Instead of yellow cellophane and white tissue paper, we are now looking for colours that resemble stout and cosmopolitans. I must admit, this incidental shopping is a lot of fun.

This year we've decided to use our iPads to capture customer leads and take orders. As the resident IT professional, I'll be setting up the stationery on our invoicing application to make it as quick and easy to use as possible. I'll also spend some time working on the backend of our online payment system, to make sure that we can take credit card payments at the show.

I'm not sure what else will need doing before the show, but I am looking forward to one planned activity in particular. I have the task of testing out the cocktail mix mini kegs between now and the show. I've invited a few friends over to help me tomorrow night.

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For opening hours and a venue map of the Reed Gift Fair, visit our exhibitor's listing.


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