How we support our retailers

Kathy Creaner - Thursday, February 16, 2017

QPS Importers assists retailers who sell our products in the following ways:

1. Help customers to identify retailers who sell our products.

QPS Importers maintains an up-to-date list of stockists and provides customers with details of retailers in their local area on request.

2. Help retailers to provide customers with information about our products.

QPS Importers provides a features and benefits brochure that retailers are able to use with their customers.

QPS Importers provides product and warranty information on their website in the FAQ section which is accessible to the general public. Customers will be able to do their online research without leaving the store.

QPS Importers publishes information about products on our website on subjects such as how to maintain timer furniture.

3. Help retailers to answer their customer's questions about our products.

QPS Importers provides product training material to retailers, which incudes answers to questions such as what the products are made from, where they are made, how to put them together and how to look after them.

4. Help retailers to order stock while the customer is in store.

QPS Importers offers retailers with a wholesale account the ability to order replacement stock immediately if they do not have the model the customer wants in store. QPS Importers will ship one stock unit to the customer and the remainder of the order to the retailer, reducing the amount of time the customer will have to wait to receive their order.

Note: Minimum order quantities and delivery fees apply. The QPS website will show stock availability at the time of order.

5. Help retailers to assist their customers after the sale.

QPS Importers offers retailers assistance with handling customer queries. Retailers may contact QPS Importers directly for assistance or they may direct their customers to QPS Importers.

QPS Importers will provide information via the QPS Blog and the FAQ section of the website that will enable customers to find answers to their questions.

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Retailer Support: Useful information about refunds, returns and warranties

Kathy Creaner - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

After Sales Support

At QPS Importers, we stand by the products we sell

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