QPS Importers is the exclusive Australian distributor of The Bartender mini keg drinks dispenser, which enables customers to enjoy beer or cider on tap at home.

Delivering a pub standard pour every time, The Bartender mini keg drink dispenser holds standard sized 5L mini kegs, both pressurised and unpressurised. With a choice of silver or black, The Bartender looks so good that people will leave it on their countertop or bar for their friends to admire. Unlike other products, The Bartender does not take up room in the fridge. Instead, it chills beer to the perfect temperature for drinking. Easy to use and clean, The Bartender is compact, light weight and ultra quiet.

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  • Maintains beer at the ideal temperature for drinking
  • Lets you enjoy beer on tap at home
  • Delivers a pub quality pour of beer every time
  • Holds standard-size mini kegs up to 5 litres
  • Works with both pressurised and non-pressurised mini kegs
  • Keeps beer fresh for 30 days after tapping
  • Runs cooling system ultra quietly
  • Features electronic temperature controls
  • Displays your favourite brand of mini keg
  • Moves easily from indoors to outdoors
  • Runs on 240V AC or 12V DC
  • Comes in choice of silver (1 model) or black (2 models) with chrome highlights
  • Looks so good you will want to leave it on your countertop


  • Easy to set up and easy to clean
  • Compact and light weight
  • Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling, no CFC
  • Ultra-quiet operation, < 25dB
  • Digital display with push button operation
  • Interior LED light allows display of keg without increasing temperature of beer
  • Convenient pressure gauge
  • User Manual
  • Packed in one box
  • Includes: Custom tap handle, drip tray, standard keg adapter, keg seals, pressure release tool, cleaning bottle, CO2 regulator, regulator adapter, 3 x CO2 cartridges, cartridge holder, AC & DC power cords
  • Temperature range: 3°-12°C
  • Power consumption 1.2KW.H/24H (15°C)
  • RM-BD-001 38.5cm W x 34cm D x 44cm H, 6.4 kg
  • RM-BD-002 25.8cm W x 44.5cm D x 44cm H, 6.6 kg