Sourcing quality products from Australia

Since 2009 Graham Hancock has been sourcing products from China for the Australian market place, initially for his own business and then for a growing list of clients. Over that time, many of his Chinese suppliers and contacts have asked him to source Australian products for them. As a result, Graham has expanded his business to include sourcing Australian products for domestic and international markets.

From small items to large, ranging from food and wine to clothing, cosmetics and beyond, Graham is able to assist your business to find the right Australian products for the right price at the right time and help you get them from the Australian grower or manufacturer to your doorstep.

Product Sourcing services

Graham can help you with the following:

  • Finding the right products for your business, based on your requirements and specifications.
  • Finding and checking out suppliers.
  • Developing and building relationships with your suppliers.
  • Handling problems with your suppliers.
  • Quality Control Inspections.

Contact Graham today by phoning him on +61 2 6247 0249 or email him at to start your Australian product sourcing project.

Graham is often travelling on product sourcing trips, so please understand that it may take him a day or two to answer your email.

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